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In the current scenario where everything is managed with computers, how do you think large bank accounts or huge organization would do without the help of these machines? With increase of computer usage, the applications needed to ease the use are also increasing. Imagine trying to retrieve a record or perform some bank transaction manually. It may take ages to find the correct record or you might fail altogether in retrieving data. There are several applications needed to perform particular work on computers. For example, in order to, manage records, SQL database is used.

Software Key features:
Schedule Database Defragmentation:

helps in setting alerts for automatic defragmentation.

Shrink Database:

allows to shrink file and file groups for better disk space

Reorganize heaps and indexes:

improves search performance and data manipulation and matching the physical order of leaf level pages with logical order of the leaf nodes.

Manage Partitions:

enables create, switch, alter or remove partitions from tables and index levels

Sliding Window Scenario:

automates the process of partition management as it allows user to create new partition for new data

Real time alerts:

help user to be up-to-date with SQL events, database performance, status of fragmented objects and helps in deciding over fragmentation requirements

Schedule jobs and get email notification:

Users can schedule various jobs such as defragmentation or shrinking of database and get notified about these as and when required.

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It eases out finding records, modifying or removing as many records in an instant! SQL Server is the most secure database platform. It has accounted lowest number of vulnerabilities of any kind since the year 2002. However, under acute circumstances, anything can happen. If user has no idea about the space in SQL database and he enters some crucial information, then not only the information will get corrupt but the server also may crash damaging all data contained.

SQL Server is typically affected by these bottlenecks namely, CPU, memory, file I/O, locking, blocking or deadlocking. It is very important to monitor Server performance regularly. You can create and use log to identify external process and keep a check on SQL Server. However, not everyone has the required technical skills to create and check logs. Hence, we recommend you to use our third party SQL Server Performance Monitoring Software.

Other than being easy to use and having very user-friendly graphical interface, the MS SQL Server Management software is the only tool that monitors SQL Performance and keeps all issues at bay. You can use SQL Server Performance Monitoring software to identify how these potential bottlenecks may affect SQL Server. Moreover, you can use this log to identify when an external process is heavily using the computer running SQL Server and negatively impacting SQL Server performance. User can schedule their database defragmentation and create alerts using SQL Server Performance Monitoring Software. The software also helps in reorganizing heaps and indexes.

With the dashboard reports created with this software, user can keep a check on storage space available, performance statistics, disk I/O rates and instance memory that helps in keeping critical issues at bay. The real time alerts and email notification of SQL Server Performance Monitoring Software helps admin to manage space accordingly and avoid mishaps. The software completely supports SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 and is available in free .

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